Fitness tech: the best gadgets for your workout

The best fitness gadgets in 2018

Urban Ears Stadion headphones

These Bluetooth headphones are connected by a stretchy cord that coils behind the head, for a near perfect fit.

Urban Ears’ EarClick technology keeps the buds in place and they’re reflective for added visibility in low light.

Nevo activity tracker watch

This has all the functionality of a fitness tracker — step count, running tracker and sleep monitoring — and the aesthetic of a classic French watch.

Bookman wearable light clip

Affix this set of wearable lights to your person or your bike. Each light has both red and white LEDs so you can use them for front or rear mounting.

Blubel smart bell

Put this compass on your handlebars, synch it with the smartphone app and it will guide you down the quietest, safest available route.

Classon bike helmet

This smart bike helmet has blind spot detection, motion-activated signalling and automatic brake lights.

Nadi X yoga leggings

New York-based start-up Wearable X has created leggings that gently vibrate in order to guide you to the optimal yoga poses.

Sensors positioned near the hips, knees and ankles respond to your movements.

Tangram smart rope

This smart skipping rope has 23 bright LEDs that display in real time your jump count during the workout.

Peloton spin bike

This equipment puts a spin studio in your living room. Literally: you can live stream classes and project real-time leader boards to keep you motivated.

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