iPhone XS Concept Video Shows Recently Leaked Gold Finish, Glass Back Ahead of Launch

A concept video showing the iPhone XS reaches YouTube
The video shows the gold frame and glass back of upcoming iPhone model
It includes both iPhone XS variants

While Apple is presumably quite busy in making preparations for the September 12 launch, the rumour mill has continued to churn out the details around the iPhone XS. The new iPhone model has now surfaced in a concept video that is based on a recent leak. The video shows both variants of the iPhone XS – the 5.8-inch as well as 6.5-inch variants. It also shows the shining gold design and the glass back that has a glossy finish along with an Apple logo. Essentially, the concept video showcases the newly designed iPhone from different angles.

The video, which has been posted by YouTube channel ConceptsiPhone, is based on the leaked iPhone XS render that surfaced last week. Unlike the render that allegedly showed the upcoming iPhone from one angle, the concept video shows off it from various different angles. It showcases the 5.8-inch iPhone XS as well as the 6.5-inch model that could be called the iPhone XS Plus.

If we look at the montage of the concept images being showcased in the video, the iPhone XS could sport a glossy gold finish and a glass back with a gold-coloured Apple logo. The placement of the physical buttons appeared on the handset in the video is identical to what debuted on the iPhone X. Also, the video shows a dual rear camera setup.

Since the video is based on a leak, we can’t consider it as a legitimate source to judge what Apple is cooking up behind the scenes. However, some initial reports have already affirmed that the Cupertino giant won’t bring major internal upgrades to the two new iPhone X-inspired models. Instead, it is expected that there will be new colour options. The company could also bring the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone model alongside the two new iPhone X upgrades. The LCD variant will have an aluminium frame against the stainless steel build of the two new OLED display-featuring iPhone models. Further, there will be some odd colour options to differentiate the cheaper model and the two new premium iPhone variants.

We need to wait until September 12 to see what Apple has for the iPhone customers this time. Meanwhile, you can watch the concept video to arouse your curiosity before the formal launch.

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