The Best Smart TVs for Picture-Perfect Clarity

If you’re looking for a new TV, it’s hard not to buy a smart TV—and that makes deciding on one all the more challenging. One TV may have great picture quality but lackluster smart features, while another may have all the streaming services and connectivity options you’re looking for but makes too many trade-offs where it counts.


Thankfully, there are plenty that are both great TVs and great smart TVs. Here are six of the best to consider, most of which are available in various sizes to fit your space.

Best Value: TCL 6 Series

TCL’s Roku-powered smart TVs haven’t been on the market all that long, but they’ve fast developed a reputation as one of the best bargains around. The built-in Roku platform will give you all the features you’d expect from a separate streaming stick or box, and the newest 6-series sets will give you great picture quality and a better fit and finish than their predecessors, with a higher-end brushed metal frame instead of plastic.

The 55-inch model for $500 will probably hit the sweet spot for most people, but even the 65-inch model is still a bargain at well under the $1,000 mark.

Best OLED: LG C8 Series

If you’re looking for the best picture quality in a TV, you’re probably going to want to look for an OLED model, which will give the best black levels and contrast.

On that front, LG’s C8 Series TV is tough to beat, with both CNET and The Wirecutter rating it as the best TV they’ve tested, and at a price that—while still expensive—is a significant step down from the OLED TVs of just a few years ago. You’ll also get ample support for streaming services from LG’s Web OS platform, along with easy access to Google Assistant.

Best LCD: Samsung Q9FN series

One area where LED/LCD TVs still have OLEDs beat is brightness, and they can be a better option if you’re mostly watching TV in a brightly lit room. They’re also generally more affordable, although that isn’t the case with Samsung’s top-of-the-line Q9FN model. It won’t disappoint in many other respects, however, and will give you a picture to rival similarly high-end OLED TVs—Digital Trends calls it the best LED TV they’ve tested and the “best Samsung TV ever made.”

Smart features are also as plentiful as you’ll find anywhere, and include Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, SmartThings hub, and even a Steam Link app to let you stream games from your Steam library.

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